Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Era of Trump has Begun

Everybody who saw a Trump presidency coming raise your hands, So my wife and I have known that our society would be heading down a dark path now since 2002 when representatives from the divine realm made a house call one day and threw our lives into a chaotic head spin. We didn't know exactly when or how but they gave us a pretty firm grasp on why. I guess I am glad that I knew it was coming, it gave us a chance to prepare - which of course we squandered completely... but hey we could have prepared.... if we were so inclined. 

What's really amazing though is that Christians have been told about these events for centuries and yet it still appears to have caught them by surprise. In fact, in this country, most of them helped usher it in. They have spent lord knows how many Sundays in their church's pews hearing their preacher/pastor tell them over and over how so many people, good people, would be taken in and fooled into accepting and backing these charismatic snake charmers and so they better stay alert or else they too would succumb to this evil incarnate. Well anyway...

Welcome to the End Times my fellow travelers...

Saturday, October 1, 2016

WTF is wrong with our society???

So everyone feels it right? you feel it, I feel it, the politicians KNOW it. Our society is fucked up, right? Do you really think it's normal for us humans (I use that term lightly for myself and many others, BTW) to be hurting, stealing from, and killing each other??? Really? Well I posit that it is not normal. Yes I know that we have only been separate from our primal, evolutionary forebears for a scant number of centuries yet our cerebral development has seemingly outstripped our roots. But alas, we still seem to be beating each other over the head and stealing each others belongings in order to get by - so what gives?

I proffer the following: humankind has been tinkered with in varying ways by external forces in order to cause the current level of chaos which makes us vulnerable to malicious exploitation.

How? By injecting higher levels of technology into our civilization than humankind was prepared for emotionally and spiritually. They have also corrupted our spiritual growth by using their highly advanced technology to impersonate divine beings thereby forcing humans down a developmental path conducive to their agenda. I mean does anyone really believe that the creator of the universe actually dictated 10 somewhat inane edicts to an old guy named Moses on a desert mountaintop some several thousand years ago? Or that one of God’s most trusted employees (named Gabriel) met with a middle eastern man in a cave (also out in the desert) hundreds of years ago to provide him with humanity’s user manual?

When? By all accounts this unsolicited unearthly contact has been going on for thousands of years; since before the establishment of human urban centers (or cities) that were based on agriculture. We have cave paintings depicting concepts ranging from flying saucers to non-human looking creatures in what appear to be suits similar to those worn by our astronauts. AND pretty much all ancient human societies have creation myths and anecdotes relating to beings coming down from the sky to provide knowledge and guidance.

Why? Well that’s the big question isn’t it? During my younger formative years I thought on this question quite often. I had eventually come to the conclusion that any civilization that had advanced far enough to travel to other stars must have outgrown the types of tribal warfare, power-mongering, and wealth hoarding that has so marked Earthly society. I now know that this is far from the truth. Apparently the majority of planet based civilizations in the universe pursue the same path to destruction that humans have followed. And by the time they have acquired the ability to mingle with other species in their galactic neighborhood, they have burned through a large part of their planet’s natural resources and thus go into space in a quest to seek what they need to survive on other worlds.

So that encompasses the main genesis of the predicament that we currently find ourselves in. Humans have consumed themselves into a unsustainable corner by misuse and overuse of Earth’s resources all the while those resources that rightly belong to humanity are being coveted by beings who were once just like us. What to do? What to do? That will be discussed in the next installment.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How it All Started

I should mention that I've been interested in the so-called "paranormal" since I was a little kid. I know that a lot of people of above average intelligence find such topics fascinating, but I think it started for me earlier than most. I remember searching out UFO readers and Fortean Times-type magazines when I’d go to the grocery store with my mom. For some reason that kind of stuff just engulfed my being - it felt like I was SUPPOSED to study that kind of thing for an as of yet unknown reason. Then while I was in elementary school (4th or 5th grade, I can’t remember exactly) I had my first personal paranormal experience. It came as just a fleeting thought that passed through my mind. I knew that my own mind hadn’t generated the thought but I had no clue as to the source. It was pretty strange but even then I knew better than to tell anyone of my experience because a) people wouldn’t believe me, and b) the content of the thought implied things that EVERYONE would have very strong opinions about. So I just left it alone and held it close to my chest for the next 30 years.

I won’t go into specifics about what the thought was here (you can email me at with the subject of “divine” if you want to be emailed the specifics) but trust me - it was not something that I would have thought of my own volition. It would be an overstatement to say that I was brought up in a non-religious family. Even though our mother did force us to attend multiple different churches so that we would at least be exposed to the ideas, my mother herself proudly self identified as an atheist (although as I grew older I found that she was more correctly classified as an agnostic). As for myself, I tasted the Christian beliefs and just as quickly spit them out. Even at a young age I found them to be unlikely at best and downright mean spirited at worst. So I would have to say that I arrived at my own spiritual beliefs about as organically as is humanly possible. Much deep thought and soul searching (literally) led me to the belief that there was most likely a creator, very unlikely a place called Hell and maybe, just maybe, a guy named Jesus (or more accurately, Yeshua). While the existence of angels, a devil, Noah’s Ark, etc. were matters to be determined at a later date.

So as I said in an earlier post I was raised on science. I loved it, I studied it, I fully embraced it. It seemed so pure and unimpeachable. So it was with much trepidation that I jumped head first into the world of spiritual belief (I don’t need to use the term “faith” because my wife and I were SHOWN the truth in no uncertain terms). I must say that in some respects I was a bit disappointed. I was so sure that the physical universe and all of its life and beauty and horror could be brought into existence with a few plausible, if unlikely, twists of natural fate. So when I found out that it hadn’t, I must say I went through a period of mourning. I wasn’t sad that God existed, I was just disheartened that all of the believers, and thumpers, and freaks that I had argued with throughout my life had been, if not completely correct, at least right enough that I felt that I would owe them an apology if I ever ran into them again. Ugh...

Anyway, I guess I’m rambling a little bit. But I want to give my readers (assuming I ever get any :-) an idea of where I’m coming from when I unleash my sometimes overly confident knowledge of how things are, how things work, and why humanity is currently in the predicament that it is in. Anyway I hope people read this blog and are ready for the truth that is coming….cuz it is a-coming.

Friday, September 9, 2016

So Here's the Scoop

So in case you haven't noticed, I am very new to this whole blogging thing. While I have no problem sharing my opinions about many things in person, it's a whole other thing entirely writing this stuff down for the world to see (or rather, at this point at least, a small, small fraction of the world to see :-). However I have been reading personal accounts of strange personal experiences on the internet probably a lot longer than most. Since I worked in the computer field as a software engineer, I had access to the web in the very early 90s (ahh Mosaic…) and newsgroups, etc.So I know that there is no shortage of people who claim to have had experiences with extraterrestrials, angels, demons, bigfoots (bigfeet???) and so on. And I am well aware that you must take each account with a LARGE grain of salt. And even when these people sound as credible as your grandmother recounting the days of yore, they typically are still bombarded with the requisite ridicule, teasing, and inquiries into their current mental state. So it is with great hesitation that I even mention the experience that my wife and I had in the summer of 2002. However so much of what I intend to speak about on this blog is based on that particular experience that I begrudgingly have decided to offer the following: If anyone is seriously interested in our experience with the divine then I will gladly email to you a pre-prepared document providing the details of this event. All you have to do is email us at with the subject field set to “divine”.

In the meantime I feel that a large part of our mission here is to reveal the real truth concerning the hows and whys of life in this universe (or at least our little corner of the galaxy). So I will continue to do that and, when you get some spare time, please check out our main website at It is still in the beginning stages but we have ALL KINDS OF PLANS for its future. Also remember the little homework assignment I kindly offered in my last post: study the existing info regarding UFOs and ETs - there is a LOT out there. One really good place to start is: This particular website somehow got very close to the reality of what is happening on our planet and lays it all out quite succinctly so give it a look if you please. Anyway, just as a reminder, the beings who are coming here are without a doubt up to no good and all it would take to stop their program in its tracks would be for a widely known, credible, personality to come out and provide the facts of what is going on to the general public. Any takers???

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Info for Newbies to the Alien/UFO/Government Coverup Scene

One of the most important tools used by the invaders of our planet is information. Disinformation, misinformation, and lack of information. They have corrupted messages from divine sources, they have interjected falsehoods into human history and they have fanned the flames of ridicule that accompany this topic in the world’s media. They have also, in conjunction with many world governments, silenced many of those who know the truth and have sufficient credibility to be taken seriously. So, yeah, they have a shitload of power and influence.

So what can us little people do about this dilemma? The first thing to do is to get educated on the topic. Blast through the internet and read all you can about close encounters, abductions, sightings, implants, military encounters. But also read the skeptic’s point of view, the religious viewpoint, and all other relevant input you can find. If you access all of this information and you still don’t believe that there is something to all of this, then fine, bail out. But if you give the information that is out there an objective, reasonable, intelligent, rational, going-over - I can almost promise you that you will come away saying to yourself: “Holy Shit! You mean all this stuff has been going on and the press and government hasn’t yet made some huge announcement on TV? WTF?”.

Anyway, you have been warned. But yeah seriously - LOOK INTO IT!

Friday, August 26, 2016

So....What Are We Talking About Here?

For anyone who hasn't read the book (or seen the TV movie) called Childhood's End, the premise is that Earth is visited by an immense and highly advanced alien invasion force. Several years after their occupation of Earth they have convinced most humans that they are only there for benevolent reasons, not the least of which is to prevent Humans from destroying themselves. It is only after several decades of Humanity living a utopic existence free of wars, disease, famine, etc. that people realize that the aliens had an ulterior motive all along. This is not too dissimilar from what is REALLY happening on our planet as we speak. I won't go into the details now about how we know this to be true, however consider the following: For decades people all over the world have witnessed and captured images of strange aerial phenomena seemingly defying the laws of physics as we know them. We've uncovered ancient stories mentioning non-human looking creatures coming down from the sky to provide knowledge and guidance which was then used to establish thriving human societies. People have revealed far fetched sounding stories about being abducted and having their orifices probed (ouch!) and devices implanted under their skin. All while the world's governments have been concocting even more unlikely stories to try and explain them away with mundane events. Anyone who considers the combined evidence objectively can not come to any conclusion other than “Something strange is going on and it does not appear to be in the best interest of human-kind”. So what the hell is goin on??? It’s quite simple actually: Earth happens to lie in a highly populated region of the Milky Way galaxy. We are one of younger kids on the block and so many other more advanced civilizations in the neighborhood are coming around to try and grab what they can of the Earth/Human resource reservoir. Since they had depleted their own world’s supplies eons ago by following the same societal path as have humans, they see this as an opportunity to help themselves under the guise of watching out for us. Yeah, we’re in trouble - but we can try to lessen the damage simply by letting people know that this is what is going on. Look at:

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Science and Faith

I was brought up with a firm belief in science and that science alone would provide all the answers people needed. I considered myself to be agnostic about God throughout all of high school and college and was one of those people that would say “hey if God wants me to believe he exists then why doesn’t he show himself to me?”. I considered blind faith to be a fool’s errand. I mean why would a being that could create a universe like this one need little insignificant humans to cast their unrequited affections toward him? To prove how gullible they are?

So now years later, after some crazy, out-of-this-world events in my life and a lot of deep thought I finally realized that I had been doing what a large fraction of those people who consider themselves to be agnostic or atheistic also have been doing: they are defining their own beliefs based only on the ideas that organized religions have carved out for them. So they ask questions like “Why does the eventual destination of my alleged eternal soul rely on a silly ritual like asking to be saved?” or “If God created everything then why can’t he just make the devil go away?”. Questions such as these are based on the supposition that many of the things that organized religion take for granted are actually true. I mean to most intelligent people, so many of the things that organized Christianity espouse seems silly and child-like and yet a HUGE portion of the adult world believes in these things. I for one NEVER put any stock in most of these ideas, but I didn’t let that stop me from considering the following: what if God and spirituality are real but COMPLETELY different from what institutional religion teaches?

Well that appears to be the case and that's what this discussion is all about...